The ULTIMATE Power Tool Christmas Gifts this December

Ultimate Power Tool Christmas Gift Guide

From sanding to cutting to drilling, power tools are the bread and butter of around-the-house DIY and amateur workmanship. New power tools are to DIYers and amateur workpeople what new cars are to petrol heads – thankfully, power tools are a little easier to fit under the Christmas tree.

Treating a friend, family member, or significant other to one of the latest, shiniest, and most effective models is always going to hit the spot, so let’s discuss the following ideal power tool Christmas gifts:

We’ll cover what they are, why they’re great, and even the pick of the power tool litter across each type.

Combi Drill

It’s not a jack of all trades, but a king. What you have here is three drills in one, for the combi drill will:

  • Drill holes into wood and metal
  • Drive in screws
  • Drill holes into concrete and masonry

Better yet, your combi drill will spin at multiple speeds. Low speed, high torque is perfect for driving screws; high speed modes help out with drilling. Versatility is the name of the combi drill game. You get a first-class tool that can handle multiple jobs, so there’s no need to keep switching between different drills.

We recommend the Bosch GSB18V-EC

You should watch out for cut-rate combi drills – rarely will they go the distance. If you’re placing a combi under the tree, it’s hard to go wrong with the Bosch GSB18V-EC thanks to:

  • All-Metal Chuck: The tell-tale sign of a robust drill. It’s what to look for in a drill that lasts for years instead of months
  • Brushless EC Motor: Achieves high speeds, produces minimal noise, weighs little, and uses remarkably few moving parts, which means less chance of failure.
  • Kick-Back Control: Prevents the drill from slipping the user’s grip and swinging around. It’s what you need to avoid sprained wrists and cracked jaws.
  • Precision Clutch: An optical electronic sensor detects when rotation stops and turns off the motor. It’s what you need to prevent damage to the screw head or screwdriver bit.

If you’re placing a combi under the tree, it’s hard to go wrong with the Bosch GSB18V-EC

There’s even an integrated LED light to illuminate darker working areas, and the short head length (only 184 mm) makes for relaxed handling in tighter areas. Hands down, the Bosch GSB18V-EC is one of the top models on the market, and it’s certainly one of the safest.

BOSCH GSB18V-EC Christmas Gift Idea

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Rotary Hammer Drill

When you give someone a rotary hammer drill, you let them know you’re aware they mean business. They’re used to drill masonry. Sure, a regular drill and masonry bit works, but a rotary hammer drill kicks things up a notch by offering more power, enhanced durability, and several added features – this is the tool of pros.

In fact, a rotary hammer drill can drill, hammer, and chisel. You can even add attachments to:

  • Break up tough soil with a clay spade
  • Break apart concrete with a cold chisel
  • Pull up ceramic tiles with a tile remover
  • Start holes in concrete with a bull point chisel
  • Remove rust, concrete, or weld spatter with a scaling chisel

We recommend the Bosch GBH 36 VF-LI Plus 36v

Bosch invested a lot in their latest rotary hammer drill, so users enjoy:

  • Up to 50% faster work rate thanks to higher single impact energy
  • Optimized safety thanks to Bosch KickBack Control (KBC)
  • Reduced fatigue thanks to Vibration Control
  • Protection against battery overheating, overload, and deep discharge thanks to Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP)
  • Control through sensitive materials thanks to Bosch Electronic Precision Control (EPC)
  • Control if the drill bit jams thanks to Bosch Electronic Rotation Control (ERC)
  • Use through low-lit nooks and crannies thanks to integrated LED lighting

The rotary hammer drill is what you give someone who demands the tool of pros – the Bosch GBH 36 VF-LI Plus 36v lets them know you’ve studied hard to pick out the top dog.

As the reviews say: “Quality product that we anticipate using throughout our working day.”

Bosch GBH 36 VF-LI Plus 36v Christmas Gift Idea

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Magnetic Drilling Machine

Every serious around-the-house workperson eventually needs a magnetic drilling machine, more commonly known as a ‘mag drill’. It’s a portable power tool that works just like a stationary drill press. A strong electromagnetic base holds it firm, and the drill bit produces holes.

What you have here is the portability of a handheld combined with the stability, precision, and speed of a stationary drill press. Not too shabby at all, and you can use it for:

  • Drilling through steel and similar metals
  • Drilling in remote positions
  • Drilling horizontally, vertically, or even upside down
  • Enlarging existing holes

We recommend the JEI MiniBeast

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the different types of mag drill. If you’re buying it as a present, look to the JEI MiniBeast. With the ability to cut 35 mm diameter holes through 50 mm plate, it has the muscle for every job likely to be thrown at it, and further benefits include:

  • Minimal 10 kg weight to reduce fatigue and improve portability
  • Inbuilt coolant oil reservoir to prevent damage and keep the cutters drilling as effectively as possible for as long as possible
  • Compact design (377(max)x240x166 mm) for easy carrying and the ability to reach into tighter areas.
  • An absence of external cables, otherwise known as the most common cause of mag drill breakdown.
  • Self-correcting slide rails to ensure maintenance free running

The long and short? Your JEI MiniBeast is a perfect blend of brains and brawn that works just as well as an introduction for new users as it does in the hands of a seasoned pro.

To learn more about Mag Drills, check out our dedicated post here.

JEI MiniBeast is a perfect blend of brains and brawn

JEI MiniBeast Christmas Gift Idea

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Premium Battery CoolPack

As you’d expect, a premium battery pack attaches to current tools. The latest batteries offer:

  • Extended running times
  • Increased power
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Lower weight
  • Reduced charging times

All welcome benefits for those attached to their power tools. Users will find their tools running longer and harder, all while their setup feels featherlight and their batteries charged up in a flash.

We recommend the Bosch 18 Volt Li-Lon Premium Battery CoolPack

A good battery pack makes an ideal stocking-filler for power tool enthusiasts, but a substandard model is more like a lump of coal. The Bosch 18 Volt 3.0 Ah Li-Lon Premium Battery CoolPack is what you need. It offers:

  • CoolPack technology for up to 100% longer lifetime compared to previous batteries
  • Increase in runtime by a minimum of 25% compared to the Bosch 4.0 Ah battery
  • Excellent compatibility with all Bosch Blue 18 V Li-ion tools
  • Robust construction to protect against knocks and falls (they tested it with a 3 meter drop onto concrete. It was fine).
  • Protection from overloading, overheating, and total discharge through Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP)
  • 2-year Battery Premium Service
  • CLI (Charge Level Indicator) for easy reading
  • Low 680g weight to prevent fatigue

Li-ion technology deserves special attention. You’ll find it powering the latest and greatest tools thanks to fast charging times and a weight 40% lower than NiMH batteries. As a cherry on top, Li-ion batteries can even be topped up regardless of current charge level without affecting battery life.

A good battery pack makes an ideal stocking-filler for power tool enthusiasts

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Cordless Drill Set

Cordless electric drills are one of the most popular DIY tools – one of these is never going to miss the mark on Christmas Day. Having a cordless drill provides:

  • Speed: Doing the same work by hand will eat up the hours (not to mention the elbow grease involved).
  • Rechargeability: At the end of the day, the battery can be recharged – other battery-powered tools often demand a replacement.
  • Convenience: No need to worry about extension cords – a cordless drill can go wherever its owner goes.
  • Safety: Going cordless means less chance of tripping and a reduced risk of repairs.

With a drill set, you get all the advantages while boosting versatility through the roof.

We recommend the Bosch GSR 12V-15 FC 12v FlexiClick

Torque runs between 30 Nm and 15 Nm, giving the Bosch GSR FlexiClick plenty of power to get the job done across various DIY tasks. The compact design (132 mm short) and low weight (0.8 kg without battery) enable precise use without fatigue, with rotatable chucks for use in tight situations, and there’s an integrated LED light to bring illumination to darker corners.

But most important is the FlexiClick system itself. Users can quickly and easily fix adapters to the tool body, and included heads cover:

  • Magnetic Bit Holder: Changing drill bits can take time, which is where a magnetic bit holder comes in. They’ll help guide the bit into place, making it simple to tighten the chuck around it.
  • Lockable Bit Holder: An integrated lockable bit holder provides a helping hand that holds on to all common standard bits.
  • Drill Chuck: These are designed to hold the bit tightly, even when there’s a healthy amount of torque. They can also be used with other rotating tools, including rotating spades utilized for larger holes.
  • Angle Adapter: Need to reach a tricky area? Not to worry, the angle adapter can set the drill at a right-angle.
  • Offset Angle Adapter: Further enhances flexibility with an offset angle, so users can work close to edges and walls.

With FlexiClick you can quickly and easily change adapters to suit the job

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Angle Grinders

Angle grinders are handy handhelds used for grinding, cutting, and polishing. With separate wheels and accessories, users can equip a vast array of configurations, including:

  • Wire Brush: For cleaning away rust or removing paint
  • Cutoff Wheel: For cutting through anything from rebar to frozen bolts
  • Dry-Cut Diamond Wheel: For scoring through or cutting apart tile
  • Grinding Wheel: For sharpening blades and restoring surfaces
  • Diamond Tuckpointing Wheel: To quickly remove mortar without disturbing or damaging the surrounding brickwork.

It’s one of those power tools that marks a step up from beginner to expert.

We recommend Bosch GWS 18v-Li Angle Grinder

Complete with 5-amp batteries, the Bosch GWS strikes the balance between manageability and high-end power. It’s a forceful unit that offers a high removal rate and capable cutting performance, but it isn’t as bulky or expensive as heavy-duty models.

It provides:

  • Adjustable guard and side-handle for convenient two-handed operation
  • Fan-cooled motor to prevent overheating
  • Dust-sealed bearings to prevent breakdowns
  • Soft start function to prevent injury or strain
  • M14/115mm disc size
  • 30-minute quick charger
  • Free extended warranty of 3 years if you register online within 4 weeks of purchase

Bosch GWS strikes the balance between manageability and high-end power

Bosch GWS 18v-Li Christmas Gift idea

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Heat Guns

A heat gun looks a little like a hairdryer, but the heat is really kicked up a notch. Emitting a stream of hot air, they’re perfect for applying heat without risking an open flame. As such, they’re a favourite among ardent DIYers, who will use them for:

  • Softening and removing old paint
  • Removing all types of adhesives and stickers
  • Shrinking tubes and films
  • Softening and removing putty
  • Drying out damp wood
  • Thawing frozen pipes

As you can see, a heat gun’s work is never done. From stripping paint during a home improvement project to keeping the water flowing through the depths of winter, they’re an extremely useful tool that plenty of DIY enthusiasts neglect to buy – why not make a present of one?

We recommend the Bosch GHG 660LCD Pistol Grip Hot Air Gun

The Bosch GHG provides a wide-ranging working temperature between 50°C and 660°C, delivering the versatility to work across all the projects listed above. Features include:

  • Settings for four main applications to instantly bring airflow and temperature to the correct setting
  • Airflow and temperature control in steps of ten for exact working
  • Automatic switch-off to prevent overheating and improve service life
  • Removeable coarse dirt filter for convenient cleaning
  • Ergonomic softgrip design for fatigue-free use
  • Free extended warranty for 3 years when you register online within 4 weeks of purchase

The Bosch GHG provides a wide-ranging working temperature between 50°C and 660°C

Bosch GHG 660LCD Pistol Grip Hot Air Gun Christmas Gift idea

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You can’t call your tool collection complete without a jigsaw – it’s one of the first pieces people pick up as their collection burgeons beyond hammer, screwdriver, and wrench. It’s ideal for novices since it can be handled easily with one hand, and it’s the only portable power tool you can use to cut curves.

You’ll be most familiar with jigsaws used to cut wood, but one of their most attractive attributes is an ability to switch between blade types to tackle different materials, including:

  • Steel
  • Fibreglass
  • Plasterboard
  • Plastic
  • Ceramic Tile

We recommend the Bosch GST 150 BCE

Boasting a motor rated at up to 780W, the Bosch GST 150 BCE will cut:

  • Wood up to 150mm
  • Aluminium up to 20mm
  • Non-alloyed steel up to 10mm

An all-metal gearbox allows for ongoing durability, and it’s fitted with a 4-stage pendulum and variable speed trigger and speed dial to allow users full control regardless of the material they happen to be cutting.

Features include:

  • Bosch SDS keyless lever system for fast blade changing and secure purchase
  • Bend-resistant aluminium sole plate to handle tougher jobs and provide a firm work platform
  • Dust blower and removable dust extraction port to prevent clogging and ensure long service life
  • Bevel function up to 45 degrees for making angled cuts instead of simply sawing straight up and down
  • Anti-splinter guard for perfect peace of mind

The Bosch GST 150 BCE is fitted with a 4-stage pendulum and variable speed trigger

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Sabre Saw

Unfamiliar with the sabre saw? It’s a hand-held powered reciprocating saw – put simply, it moves a toothed blade backwards and forwards. The blade is a little longer than that of a jigsaw, and there’s no large sole plate to deal with. That said, the smaller the blade, the greater the variety of cuts. The sabre saw is extremely versatile, able to cut through metal, plasterboard, or plastic.

People use it for:

  • Making openings and curves in boards or panels
  • Making quick, shallow cuts on wood
  • Precise woodworking
  • Finishing scrollwork

Sabre saws lack the power necessary for dealing with large sections of wood, but they’re an ideal complement to tools used for such purposes – better yet, they’re considerably simpler and safer to use than circular saws, and variable speeds allow more precise control over the action of each cut.

We recommend the Bosch GSA 1100E Sabre Saw

The Bosch GSA 1100E is a versatile spin on a versatile tool, offering:

  • 250 mm cutting depth in wood
  • 20 mm cutting depth in metal profiles and metal pipes
  • 400 rpm 1st gear stoke rate
  • 000 rpm 2nd gear stoke rate
  • 19 & 32mm stroke length

It’s as powerful as a corded model, able to cut up to 195 100 x 100 mm spruce beams to length with a single charge. The cutting action is fast, and the SDS mechanism ensures fast and simple saw blade changes. Compact and low in weight, it features Softgrip on both handles for slip-free work and added safety, ideal for first-time sabre saw users. There’s even an electronic accelerator switch with motor brake.

The Bosch GSA 1100E is as powerful as it’s corded model cousin

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Pillar Drills

Any home workshop needs a tool able to drill holes dead square to the horizontal plane of the material in question, and the pillar drill is cream of the crop when it comes to such models. Hand drills are commonplace, but the pillar drill excels in terms of:

  • Speed: Angles and depths are automatically set, so work can progress quickly without worrying about making mistakes.
  • Power: Powerful motors ensure less user energy is needed to make holes. More power also enables the use of large drill bits for the drilling of wider holes.
  • Versatility: Able to operate at varying speeds, drill presses can be used for sanding, boring squares and rectangles, and even drilling holes into metal.
  • Safety: Drill bits are unlikely to break, and materials can be firmly secured using a vice or clamp to prevent slips and keep the user safe.

Pillar drills do take up a little more space, but compact models are ideally suited to smaller workshops.

We recommend the FOX 12-921 5 Speed Pillar Drill

One of the FOX pillar drill’s main draws is its relatively compact dimensions (580x240x430mm) and low weight (14.5kg). Not exactly featherlight, but one of the lightest models available that still means business. It offers:

  • 50 mm chuck stroke
  • 5 to 13 mm chuck capacity
  • 104 centre of chuck to column measure
  • 350W-240V motor
  • 5 speeds from 500 to 2500rpm

A tilting workbench comes complete with grooves for effortless vice fitment, and aluminium pulleys facilitate silent operation.

FOX 12-921 is one of the lightest models available that still means business

Fox 12-921 5 speed pillar drill Christmas Gift idea

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